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PIAA manufacture high performance lamp systems and accessories for all motoring and motorsport applications.

Established in 1963, PIAA has forged a reputation for top quality and continuous product innovation, improving visibility and safety for drivers all over the world





PIAA Hyper Arros Headlight Bulbs offer clear bright white 3900K light, with up to 20% additional light over. They are designed to offer a balance between visiblity and lifespan, and are E-Mark approved for road use.

PIAA Hyper Arros Headlight Bulbs are designed to give you more light and whiter light than your stock bulbs. The light on offer is 3900K which is clear, white light. This range of light is probably the sweet spot for visibility. Whiter light is easier to see by which will reduce eye-fatigue when driving at night.

These bulbs offer up to an extra 20% light on the road when compared to most factory bulbs. The farther you can see, the sooner you can react to hazards, and the safer you are.

E-Marked for Road Use

Part No.ItemPackRetail Price
HE-900H4 (9003) 3900K 60/55WPAIRPOA
HE-901H3 3900K 55WPAIRPOA
HE-902H1 3900K 55WPAIRPOA
HE-903H7 3900K 55WPAIRPOA
HE-904H8 3900K 55WPAIRPOA
HE-905H9 3900K 55WPAIRPOA
HE-906H11 3900K 55WPAIRPOA
HE-907H13 (9008) 3900K 65/55WPAIRPOA
HE-909HB3 (9005) 3900K 60WPAIRPOA
HE-910HB4 (9006) 3900K 51WPAIRPOA
HE-912HIR2 (9012) 3700KPAIRPOA

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