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PIAA manufacture high performance lamp systems and accessories for all motoring and motorsport applications.

Established in 1963, PIAA has forged a reputation for top quality and continuous product innovation, improving visibility and safety for drivers all over the world





PIAA's Silicone Wiper is a massive leap forward in wiper blades and one of the first with a 100% silicone wiper blade. Unlike some competitors products, PIAA's is 100% silicone and not just coated to the wiping edge. Finished in black satin or carbon effect with the PIAA logo discretely on the metal blade support they look superb. They are ideal for normal road use as well as off-road and competition driving in mud, fog, rain, snow and foul weather conditions - Repels water - Longer Blade Life - No squeaking - Clearer Vision - Better Safety

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The new PIAA Si-Tech (Silicone Technology) Flat Wiper Blade, a modern, frameless design that delivers all-season performance, thanks to PIAA’s patented silicone impregnated rubber blades. The key to the PIAA Si-Tech’s performance is its frameless design that creates more pressure points across the entire length of the blade for streak-free wiping. Moreover, the design eliminates snow and ice build-up. It is heat and ozone resistant, and its silicone rubber continually reapplies an active silicone coating on the windshield, assuring streak-free, quiet operation.

  • All Season Performance
  • Low Profile, Aerodynamic Design
  • Frameless Design Eliminates Snow And Ice Build-Up
  • More Pressure Points For Streak-Free Wiping
  • Long-Lasting Silicone-Coating Action
  • Applications for most Vehicles
Wipers List and Prices

SI-TECH Silicon wipers are available from the following online dealers PRI Racing, and


Mary Anderson first decided that automobiles could use a wiper blade when she saw motorists emerging from their vehicles to clean their windshields by hand. It was November, 1903. Her spring-loaded wiper arm was patented in 1905, then replaced by a mechanical arm in 1913. Since then, the wiper blade has pretty much remained the same. Until today.........

PlAA offers a new clarity of vision - the Super Silicone Wiper Blade. From the initial design process to extensive laboratory testing under the harshest conditions, this blade outperforms every other blade currently on the market:

  • The Super Silicone Wiper Blade secures a wider field of vision in inclement weather, ensuring greater visibility.
  • The Super Silicone Wiper Blade offers better resistance to all climates - heat, ozone, ultra-violet, and wear - clearly outperforming the industry standard.
  • Super Silicone coating elimates squeak and reduces drag, regardless of the shape of the windshield, providing greater comfort for both driver and passenger.
  • The Super Silicone Wiper Blade maintains a sharp, clean edge, even after 230,000 operations.As you can see, PIAA has engineered unparalleled effectiveness and streamlined operation into every blade - qualities that ensure superior performance.

That's what PIAA does. For decades, we've been the acknowledged leader in innovative automotive accessories. With our visionary design, inspired engineering, and quality components, it may be another century before wiper blades improve again. Don't wait. Those who know, drive PIAA.



The Super Sporza Silicone Wiper uses the same frame and blade technology as the Super Silicone Wipers, with the added Aerodynamic Spoiler to reduce lift at high driving speeds. At high speeds or in windy conditions, the spoiler keeps the blade on the windshield. PIAA Super Sporza Wipers are available in a flat black finish. The Super Sporza Wipers are available in lengths from 18” – 26”.

  • Aerodynamic Spoiler Reduces Lift
  • Activated Silicone-Coating Action
  • Revolutionary Beading Action
  • Highest Quality Silicone Rubber Compound